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Clients Share Their Experiences

“My session with Michelle was the single most important sessions I’ve ever had. So much important information and healing came through. She really got at the root of some life long issues and was able to help me find resolution in a way no one else has been able to do. I’ve experienced a lot of trauma working with other practitioners but Michelle was so supportive and respectful. She really created a safe space and truly honored my needs. I left our session feeling completely renewed and excited about a whole new life. I feel comfortable sharing anything with Michelle and completely trust the guidance and healing she brings forth. Michelle is so incredibly gifted, wise, connected and powerful. I feel so grateful for the opportunity to work with her and wish everyone on the planet could experience a session with her. Michelle is an exceptional practitioner who is working on a whole new level and is bringing forth the information and energies necessary for our evolution at this critical time.”

"I met Michelle online during a Zoom call while discussing my spiritual awakening... I immediately felt drawn to Michelle both physically and spiritually. We started our healing sessions together online and it felt like she was in the room with me.  My body responded to her beautiful, gentle voice with tingles and goosebumps... I felt like I melted into her words and into my bed as I had full trust in her gentle spirit while we worked on my chakra balancing. When it came to my third eye and crown chakras I could see light circles and beams as though Michelle was unraveling things that had been twisted throughout my life. Every session with Michelle brought out emotions that were bubbling beneath the surface and I felt extremely held by her.  She is honestly one of the most devoted, gentle and special souls I've had the privilege to welcome into my life."

“The chakra balancing was incredibly healing!  I have felt much more in myself and grounded, as well as less anxiety prone around others. I am so grateful for your support and connection.  My experiences with you continue to be life-changing for the better. Thank you so incredibly much for cultivating such a sacred space for my healing.  I have been feeling a great sense of love with life again, a reawakening.”  


“Thank you, Michelle.  I'm honored to have your support.  You are a blessing and I'm grateful. Thank you for being a healing channel for me. I'm really fortunate to be supported by you and your wealth of deeper understanding. It was a powerful session. Thank you for facilitating a safe and compassionate space.  You're a rad healer!”

“I have had the great privilege to work with Michelle over the last several years. Michelle is one of those healers that truly touches my soul. Our work together has so clearly and directly opened up so much of what I am here to do at this time on Earth. As a healer myself, I am highly sensitive to whom works on me physically and energetically. Michelle's presence, integrity, touch, and wisdom is a true gift to receive. I am incredibly grateful for our connection and time together in a healing and reverential space.”

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