Michelle offers Integrative Energy Work, Sound Healing, and Spiritual Emergence Support

Akashic Record Insight & Healing

Discovering multi-lifetime patterns, clearing old energies and traumas , updating vows and contracts, accessing past life gifts to be more fully you on your soul path in this lifetime. Trauma-informed. May include Implant removal if needed.

Soul Card Readings

The Soul Cards offer a window into the journey of healing, a way to see the underlying patterns, metaphors, archetypes, and lessons that can guide your process.

Aura and Space Clearings

With drumming, sound healing, mantra, sacred herbs, and crystals the auric field is cleared of infiltration from non self entities, thought forms, and energies, and the clearing can extend to home, office, or other locations.

Sound Healing Ceremony

Through a combination of sound bath through toning, singing bowls, and other instruments, along with chanting and active clearing of the field and space this is a comprehensive sound healing experience that can be to mark a special event, transition, ritual or need in one's life or community.

Spiritual Emergence Support

A safe place to share your experiences of non-ordinary reality, to be seen and held in your truth, in a honoring way, and to help frame and integrate what is happening/ has happened to be able to glean the wisdom and healing from it.

Soul Purpose Astrology

Western Archetypal Astrology through a lens of seeing the incarnation as an opportunity to fulfill the initiations that bring forth the full expression of one's gifts and capacities. We can see experiences, relationships, and work in the world in this way and honor and bring forth that connection.

Chakra Diagnostics & Rebalancing 

Using overtones to clear and rebalance the Chakras, and pendulum work to determine the diameter, flow, and spin of the energies before and after, to receive clarity around the underlying processes and patterns.


Thai Yoga Bodywork

This gentle form of rhythmic supported stretching, acupressure, and deep breathing promotes a sense of reSourcing, relaxation, and detoxifies the energy channels and physical body.