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Michelle Anne 
Integrative Energy Work &
Spiritual Emergence Support

The sacred journey is in every moment, connecting deeply, sharing, and bearing witness. My intention is to facilitate this return back home to an authentic, empowered, compassionate Self, to give and receive from a deep soulful place of empathy, and to hold space for the mystery to unfold. My intention is to utilize my skills and life experience to be of service to others and assist in their process of self-discovery and healing, to receive wisdom for deeper aspects of transformation, and honoring and supporting them in finding Wholeness. My intention is to be a mirror, to be a window, to be an open heart flowing with the vital energy that is our True Nature. Let us Remember together.

Receive Insight and Healing for:

Integrating Non-Ordinary or Extreme States of Consciousness


Working with the Gifts of Awakening/Initiation, HSP, and Empaths

Connecting to Personal and Divine Love and Creativity


New Opportunities and Shining Your Light in the World

Guidance for Visioning and Alignment with Soul Purpose



Accessing  Your ReSources and Spiritual Development 

Sessions are done remotely at this time. Please contact me for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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